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Earn commissions by recommending products and services listed on gylyb platform for institutional purchases and subscriptions. gylyb-'Get Your Library-Your Bridge' platform will help individuals in the library industry to boost their earnings.

We support InflueNeurs – individuals who have a mix of Influence and Entrepreneurship – to help them turn their networks into successful business.

With a solid commitment to privacy, gylyb ensures your personal identity remains confidential, allowing you to operate discreetly and confidently.

Join us in rewriting the rules of Influence and Entrepreneurship – discover gylyb and have fun to be an InflueNeur.

How It Works for Influeneurs

  • Free to join

    Sign up for free and become an Influeneur on gylyb.

  • Explore Products

    Browse products from Providers.

  • Certify Expertise

    Gain basic product knowledge with certificates.

  • Lock-In Institutions(to get Exclusivity)

    Create a wishlist of institutions, where you want to promote and follow the platform processes.

  • Seamless Communication

    Engage with Providers throughout the sales cycle, ensuring clear communication.

  • Track & Earn

    Monitor status, close sales, and earn commissions.

How It Works for Publishers?

To Expand Reach, Targeted Audience, Increased Visibility, Networking Opportunities, Streamlined Distribution and Trust & Credibility.

  • Expanded Reach

    gylyb provides publishers with access to a wide audience of researchers, institutions, and potential customers.

  • Targeted Audience

    Publishers can connect with individuals actively seeking research-related solutions and offerings.

  • Increased Visibility

    gylyb showcases publishers' content to a broader audience, increasing their visibility and exposure.

  • Trust and Credibility

    gylyb's verification processes and rating systems enhance the trustworthiness of publishers and their content.